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Maybe you don't need or want both training courses, but you are really interested in one of them. This offer is for you! On this page you can choose which course you want access to below for a discounted price! Here is a recap of each one of the courses below!

Let Me Introduce You To The Green Screen Course

Video #1: Green Screen Introduction

Get a detailed introduction to green screen so you can be on your way to making effective green screen videos that REALLY makes you stand out to your customers!

Video #2: Lighting Part 1

Mastering proper lighting is the key to shooting winning videos! You will leave this video with a detailed understanding of how to properly light your videos up!

Video #3: Lighting Part 2

Discover more secrets to effective lighting of your green screen video projects! Discover the equipment and placement for your lights so you get the best lighting every single time!

Video #4: Camera Setup

Setting up your camera correctly is another vital component to ensuring your green screen video looks as professional as possible! In this easy to follow video you will learn all about the proper camera setup for your success!

Video #5: Audio Setup

Clean audio is a must-have for every single project you shoot! Poor quality audio will absolutely ruin even the most perfectly filmed video! You need to be able to clearly get the right message to your audience!

Video #6: Editing Software Intro

Get an overview and introduction on using a simple, but powerful video editing software to easily create green screen video masterpieces!

Video #7: Video Editing Software

You are getting a complete and in depth crash course on using a simple video editing software that will make sure your videos pop! Watch over the shoulder as Leon takes you step-by-step through making insane quality videos with Camtasia!

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Amazing Stock Video - Video X Factor Green Screen Course

Let Me Introduce You To The Smart Phone Course

Video #1: Smartphone Video Tools Part 1

Without the right tools your smartphone videos will look like everyone else! If you want to film winning videos that separate you from the competition and wow your audience, than you need to watch this in depth video!

Video #2: Smartphone Video Tools Part 2

Leon continues revealing to you the best video tools you can use for your smartphone videos in this video!

Video #3: The Right Way To Shoot

In this video you will discover the right way to shoot videos with your smartphone! You could be turning your audience away if you aren't filming your videos the right way. Don't miss this video!

Video #4: Smartphone Camera Settings

Get the details on the perfect camera settings so you can master the camera that comes with your smartphone! Understand things like ISO, and more! Leon leaves nothing out!

Video #5: Shooting Styles

Leon pulls back the curtain and reveals the different shooting styles you can use with your smartphone camera! Your videos will really start to pop if you apply what you learn in this training!

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Amazing Stock Video - Video X Factor Smart Phone Video Course

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